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 Real time medical advice, in ICU or at the patient's bedside and at critical moments when crucial decisions need to be made even if the family is reeling from the shock. Helpless, often unable to properly define the disease, those who turn to our organization receive an immediate response, maintaining close contact with the hospital's doctors, or from outside the hospital, all with the help of Rabbi Fisher who responds to requests 24 hours a day.

Assistance in setting up appointments for second opinions, treatments or operations at critical moments by giving real time responses; and afterwards following up hand in hand with the patient until full clarification or problem solution.

And all this is done with complete cooperation and coordination with the doctor and in order to help obtain the best possible professional and analytical picture.

Our close and supportive personal rapport that encourages the family is a central pillar and unique cornerstone of the organization's activities.

When the uniqueness of the situation dictates the need, the organization consults with additional doctors - even doctors overseas – to establish joint meetings to reach a decision about the best paths for continued treatment.

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From all that has been said above, one can clearly discern the uniqueness of the חסד ומרפא organization. On the one side, we keep close contact with the patients and on the other – we arrange consultations and follow up with the doctors treating the case. In real time, throughout the entire period needed, which often turns out to be very long indeed.

And in those situations, that the family is unable to pay for a second opinion, the organization covers the relevant expenses, doing our best to ensure the best possible medical care and guidance for every single patient that contacts us.


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