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dental clinics

dental clinics

The organization provides dental care for the needy within the population with the best dental practitioners using the latest equipment.

The Chessed UMarpeh Organization has dental clinics in Rehovot and Kiryat Sefer and receives referrals from the Municipal Social Services Departments as well as from other area municipal authorities. It also advertises in the media to publicize this service. The clinics provide treatment for those unable to afford it at the rates charged by the health services dental clinics or by private dentists.

A very wide range of treatments and related services are provided for a nominal fee. These include filling cavities, root canal work (simple and complex), crowns and dentures. The ancillary services include dental x-rays – both status and panoramic. CT scans are provided at half the regular price.

A special emphasis is placed on the use of latest methods and equipment in treating the patient as well as prescribing preventative care in order to avoid further problems.

Those applying for this service are required to provide the relevant documentation demonstrating their special need and financial limitations.


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