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The Chessed Umarpeh Organization was founded over 30 years ago, dedicated to providing support to helpless and childless elderly in Israel. Over the years, we have expanded the scope of our activity to assist many other types of needy people. The first case was a young woman who fell into a coma after giving birth to triplets. The organization's volunteers have tirelessly continued to assist her, day in and day out, and if she is alive today, it is due to their unending dedication. The advanced age of her aged parents made it impossible for them to visit her or help, so she became the first such patient supported by the organization

Over the years, many other situations developed with patients suffering from various medical problems in which many different types of assistance has been required. This ranges from funding for medical services and treatments not covered by the regular health organization channels, including dental care, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, orthopedics, as well as specialized medical care including cardiologists, urologists, oncologists and more. And the volunteer staff continues to provide assistance and support for ongoing needs, as well as expanding into new areas requiring sensitive and attentive personal care for patients, 24 hours a day.

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